ACM VIS Committee

What we do

The goal of the ACM VIS committee is to train the students of ETH Zurich for national and international programming competitions. In particular, we organize the Local Contest for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), and finance the participation of VIS members in the Helvetic Coding Contest (HC2).

The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) hosts a worldwide programming contest for Universities every year. The contest consists of three layers: A Local Contest, a Regional Contest and the World Finals. The Local Contests, which take place separately at each participating University, determine the team that may represent the respective University.

The ACM VIS committee organizes the participation in the ACM ICPC with support of the Computer Science Department.

If you are interested, there exists a mailing list on which information about the contests and the trainings are shared. In order to get on the mailing list please check the webinterface.

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The Helvetic Coding Contest

The Helvetic Coding Contest is a yearly programming contest organized by the student association PolyProg and held at EPFL in Lausanne. This contest welcomes all students studying in Switzerland, from Bachelor to PhD.

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Who we are

Martin Raszyk


Kieran Nirkko

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Akaki Mamageishvili

Monika Steinová

Michal Svagerka


Daniel Graf


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Timon Gehr

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