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Sundayz 2022

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Startzeit 11.9.2022 11:00

Endzeit 17.9.2022 15:00

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Need a break? Join us for this year's VIS summer camp, the Sundayz. Experience the nature of Saas Grund with its unique attractions. Sponsored by Leica Geosystems.

Our goal is to provide you with a place to sleep and eat and open up the chance for many group activities, bringing back all the glorious summercamp vibes from the past, but the rest is up to you! Whether you want to go off on your own or join the guides is up to you. And yes, laying on the grass the whole week, breathing in the fresh air and bathe your skin in the sun, is totally fine!

Our Sponsor (Leica Geosystems)

Committed, dynamic and with a passion for precision, they revolutionise the world of measurement and survey. Their innovative solutions and products are characterised by the highest efficiency and reliability. It's all about recording, analysing and presenting 3D information. Matching the Sundayz, they are going to join us on one evening. They are eager to meet us personally and to tell us more about how to help them improve the future and how to become part of their team.

Leica Geosystems, a global success story.


  • Accommodation at the [Lagerhaus Monte Moro] in Saas-Grund VS
  • Travelticket (from and to Zurich HB, not included if you board later or leave early elsewhere)
    • If you want to bring your bike, you have to organize and pay the transport of your bike by yourself. We do still pay for your normal ticket however, so it won't cost you much.
  • Delicious meals (breakfast, sandwiches as lunchbag and dinner) and (for a small fee) alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, mead)
  • Optional free events (group hiking, BBQ, various tournaments, guided sport lesson e.g. Superkondi)
  • Rope Park
  • Optional paid events (payment not included, see below)
  • Much relax and very wow

Not included (optional)

  • Swimming and Spa
  • Riverrafting
  • Mountain Scooter Tour
  • (E-)Bike renting
  • Bouldering
  • many more things


  • IMPORTANT: Not included for everyone boarding later or leaving early elsewhere. This is due to the group ticket of the SBB. If it's not possible for you to travel with us, please choose "individual travel" in the registration. Resulting penalty fees issued by the SBB will not be covered by the VIS.
  • Meeting point: Will be communicated later on.
  • Train connection: Will be communicated later on.


The house has multiple rooms with different layouts. There are two group showers. Room arrangements will be done on arrival.

Take along (suggestions)

  • Slippers
  • Towel
  • Swim suit
  • Sun cream
  • Sun hat
  • (Card) games
  • Music player
  • Hiking shoes
  • Good humour
  • Personal stuff
  • Etc.

The small print

  1. You can only register for the full week. Whoever registers, has to pay the full price. No special deals are possible.
  2. All group activities are optional
  3. Paid activities are optional and must be paid on site via cash or twint.
  4. All participants should be ready to support our organization committee.
  5. If you require a guide for an activity we will try and provide you with a suitable one.
  6. Refunds are possible under solid reasoning (accidents in the family, sickness with a medical report, cancellation of the Sundayz itself, etc.).
  7. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant.
  8. In case of reoccuring bad behaviour, we reserve us the rights to send you home at your expense and without refund.
  9. Friends of VIS-members:
    • The registration for non-VIS will open two to four weeks after the opening for VIS-Members.
    • The participation fee for VSETH-members (but not VIS, duh....) is 60.- CHF higher.
    • The participation fee for Non-VIS-members is 100.- CHF higher.
    • Friends of VIS-members (without nethz-account) can also take part (and register via email).
    • Friends of VIS-members (with nethz-account) can register normally.
  10. All statements are without guarantee. 12.Congratulations you read all the nicky details: have a cookie!

You will get a mail with all the further details somewhere in the near future


Questions or concerns after reading everything twice? Contact us at

Abo Reise Teilnahmegebühr (VIS) Teilnahmegebühr (non-VIS)
Ich habe ein GA Im Kollektiv 60.0 100.0
Ich habe ein GA Alleine 60.0 100.0
Ich habe ein Halbtax/kein Abo Im Kollektiv 120.0 160.0
Ich habe ein Halbtax/kein Abo Alleine 60.0 100.0

Event Organisatoren

Haupt-Organisator Fabian Ruckstuhl