VIS convention committee

3rd semester or above

The VIScon committee organizes a weekend packed with exciting events. On one hand there is the hackathon, where you can focus 42 hours on an idea of your choice, and on the other a symposium takes place with interesting talks and workshops from all around the IT world. Such big events need a lot of motivated volunteers - if you’d like to help make it happen, check out the VC2.


Nicole Wenzinger


  • Adrian Seiterle
  • Alexandre Möri
  • Andreas Brombach
  • David Blaser
  • David Kalchofner
  • Davud Evren
  • Elias Ruff
  • Emir Isman
  • Franz Knobel
  • Guido von Burg
  • Jan Tempus
  • Lasse Meinen
  • Luis Jira
  • Max Schrimpf
  • Pascal Strebel
  • Sandro Lutz
  • Yves Hersener
  • Antoine Combremont
  • Burak Ünlü
  • Angéline Pouget
  • Giulia Argüello
  • Anna Peter


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