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Meeting Point in front of Schauspielhaus Zurich (Pfauen)
Play Justiz (F. Dürrenmatt)

The play will be held in German but some information on the play is available online in English. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

„Justice can only be restored by a crime.“ Roaring drunk, the lawyer Spät opens Dürrenmatt’s anti-crime novel with these words. Two years previously, the following events have occurred: Cantonal Councillor Kohler calmly enters the „Du Théâtre“ restaurant, which is frequented by politicians, financial managers and artists, and shoots the literature professor Winter in full view of all present. In the best of moods, Kohler has himself arrested. From prison, the multi-millionaire and avid snooker player hires the aspiring lawyer Spät to investigate his case – under the assumption that he is not the murderer: „Dear Spät, we now know the reality; that’s why I’m sitting here weaving baskets, but we barely know what is possible. It follows that we must rethink the real in order to venture into the realm of the possible.“ In „Justiz,“ Dürrenmatt reveals with black humour how revenge killing can become a response to a social system in which the law is everything, while justice is of no importance. In this production, Frank Castorf, who has fundamentally shaped German-speaking director’s theatre, grapples with the great author Dürrenmatt for the first time.
(Synopsis taken from the official Website of the Schauspielhasu)

Attention: The piece has quite a long runtime (it might well be that it ends after 12 pm)
What Play Justiz (F. Dürrenmatt)
Language German
Date Monday, 27.05.2019
Time 7:00 p.m.
Place Schauspielhaus Zürich (Pfauen)
Meeting point 6.45 p.m. outside of the theater
Price VIS 10.00 CHF
Price non-VIS 18.00 CHF
Registration open: Until 2019-05-24 13:00
Maximum number of participants: 23
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