VIS summer brunch

After a long and exhausting semester you probably have only one thought left in your sleep-deprived mind. To spend a few relaxing days to recharge your batteries for the upcoming exam prep phase. But there is a very important reason not to pack your bags on Thursday already.

You are most welcome to spend the last day of the semester with us in a convivial atmosphere. Truly a treat for all your senses awaits you on Friday, May 31st, at the CABinett (CAB F 21). Follow the seductive scent of freshly baked waffles and the chatting of your fellow students to indulge on the savory sight of flavourful food, while sensing the sparkling sensation of prosecco on your palate.

Without any obligation, you can drop by after 10 am, since registration and payment are not necessary. Until 2pm our doors will be open to all hungry and tired VIS members.

Realizing such an event is not possible without motivated helpers. Not only will you be sitting at the direct source of all delicacies, but you will also secure yourself a place at the opulent helper dinner of the VIS. You can find an overview of all shifts here:

Location Friday, May 31st 2019
Location CABinett, CAB F 21
Time 10am - 2pm
Price everything for free ;)
Contact: Any questions? andreas.brombach ät
Please send important Mails to: