The MR (Members Council) is the highest committee of the VSETH and is something like the MV. The MR takes place 3 times a year. Each VSETH Study Association and each VSETH committee has a certain number of representatives, depending on the number of members. Similar to the MV, the representatives of the students at ETH level, the board members of VSETH and the regulations of VSETH are democratically voted on.

Our Representatives

  • Jonathan Chen (FR)
  • Clemens Bachmann
  • Johan Stettler
  • Jonathan Chen
  • Lukas Reichart
  • Manuel Hässig
  • Max Schrimpf
  • Jonathan Ehrat
  • Noah Hiltpold
  • Lea Künstler
  • David Blaser (Stellvertretung)
  • Ben Fiedler (Stellvertretung)
  • Clemens Bachmann (Stellvertretung)

Each VIS member may be a representative or substitute. The President as the FR representative is automatically in this committee. The representatives are elected by the MV for one semester. You can reach our VIS representatives of the MR via mail.


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