VIScon - Symposium & Hackathon

Save the Date! This year’s VIScon is scheduled to take place from Friday, October 11th 2019 to Sunday, October 13th 2019 in ETH Zurich’s Computer Science building (CAB).

What is VIScon (VIS Convention)

VIScon is a space for students interested in computer science to learn, get inspired and network. The convention combines a one-day symposium and a three-day hackathon, taking place in parallel.

Symposium - Everything that is not taught in Lectures

The symposium is the pinnacle of VIScon. Inspiring personalities from academia and the industry share their vision of the future of computer science and related entrepreneurial fields by giving interesting talks and presentations. It is the opportunity for attending students to get a glimpse at their own future. Accompanying workshops enable them to experience cutting edge technology hands-on. Furthermore, we provide an opportunity for students to sign up for networking lunches, where they can share their lunch together with speakers and representatives of attending companies.

Hackathon - Association and Student Life

The core of VIScon is the hackathon where participants apply their ingenuity and skill to produce innovative solutions either to student-life problems or supporting VIS in its mission to serve its 1’800 members. Over 42 hours, supported by coaches and mentors, they’ll let their creativity flow into real solutions.

How to reach us

The VIScon Committee (VC2) is responsible for coordinating and organizing the convention. For general inquiries you can reach us at viscon ät and if you are interested in joining the committee contact us at vc2 ät

For Companies - Getting involved

VIScon is your opportunity to reach a large audience of engaged ETH computer science students as well as many others interested in the field.


An event of this size poses many challenges and requires appropriate financial support. In return we can provide you with a unique platform to promote your company brand. Aside from traditional representation on digital and print media, we offer space for physical presence at the event to boost your interaction with potential candidates and distribute goodies. We’re also open to your ideas for other forms of collaboration. For further information or if your company is interested please refer to the following file: click here and contact us at viscon-firmen ät

Talks, Workshops, Exhibition and Networking Lunches

We depend on motivated companies and individuals from industry who are willing to come and share their experience with us during the symposium in the form of talks, workshops or bringing a gadget to the exhibition. All topics that address interesting technical challenges or the future of computer science students are welcome. We look forward to your proposals. We also provide an opportunity for speakers to be paired up with a handful of students to share their lunch together. For further information or if your company is interested please refer to the following file: click here and contact us at symposium ät

Coaching and Mentoring

You can participate in the hackathon by supporting the participants with your programming, design, product or presentation expertise and experience the vibrant hackathon atmosphere while getting to know our brilliant motivated hackers. For further information refer to the following file: click here. If you have any questions you can reach us at hackathon ät

For Students - How to participate


During the hackathon you will have the opportunity to compete against your fellow students by developing applications on (and for) the VIS IT-infrastructure. This gives you the opportunity to face real world problems in an inspirational environment. Your team's work will be judged based on functionality, aesthetics, ease-of-use and overall feel by a selected jury. It is a great opportunity to apply your knowledge from your studies in practice. If you or your team are interested in participating, please stay tuned for further updates coming up on the VIScon website.


Join us for a journey through the universe of Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. Visit inspiring, enlightening and informative talks, participate in exciting workshops featuring engineers, researchers and business leaders or stroll through the exhibition full of cool gadgets and cutting-edge technology. Stay tuned for further updates and the registration by visiting our VIScon website.


VIScon would not be possible without its wonderful volunteers. If you want to help during the event, stay tuned for our call for helpers being sent out some time during the beginning of fall. If you are interested in helping to organise the event and joining the committee, contact us at vc2 ät or come by the VIS office at CAB E 31.

Further Information and Social Media

For ongoing updates and any other important information, visit our website or like us on facebook. Coming soon: a possibility to sign up for our newsletter. If you have general inquiries regarding marketing and communications, please contact us via viscon-pr ät

Please send important Mails to: