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Sundayz 2023

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Startzeit 12.6.2023 08:00

Endzeit 17.6.2023 21:00

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Need a break before starting your exam preparation? Join us for this year's VIS summer camp, the Sundayz. Experience the nature of Saas Grund with its unique attractions.

You can go hiking, mountain biking, swimming or simply do your best to do nothing and slowly turn into a lobster. Explore the Saas valley on your own or join our guides for many fun activities. And yes, laying on the grass the whole week, breathing in the fresh air and bathe your skin in the sun, is totally fine!

We will do our best to provide you with delicious meals, (alcoholic) beverages and a cozy bed. Additionally, we will organize group activities as e.g. hikes, a visit in the rope park etc. bringing back all the fun summer camp vibes from the past!


  • Accommodation at the Lagerhaus Don Bosco in Saas-Grund VS
  • The SaasTal Card which includes e.g. public transport and almost all cable cars.
  • Travelticket (from and to Zurich HB)
    • If you want to bring your bike, you have to organize and pay for the transport of your bike by yourself. We do still pay for your normal ticket however, so it won't cost you much.
  • Delicious meals (breakfast, sandwiches as lunch bag and dinner) and
  • A lot of (alcoholic) beverages
  • Optional free events (group hiking, BBQ, various tournaments)
  • Much relax and very wow

Not included (optional)

  • Swimming and Spa
  • River Rafting
  • Canyoning
  • Mountain Scooter Tour
  • (E-)Bike renting
  • Bouldering
  • Many more things


  • Meeting point: Zurich HB, we will communicate the exact location and time later.
  • Please make sure to be on time :)


The house has multiple rooms with different layouts. There are seven single showers. We will set up a Google Spreadsheet where you can form groups and we assign the rooms to match your preferences as well as possible.

Take along (suggestions)

  • Slippers
  • Towel
  • Swim suit
  • Sun cream
  • Sun hat
  • (Card) games
  • Hiking shoes
  • Rain coat (hopefully we won’t need it)
  • Good humour
  • Personal stuff
  • Etc.

The small print

  1. You can only register for the full week. Unfortunately, we can’t make any special deals.
  2. All group activities are optional
  3. Paid activities are optional and must be paid on site via Twint or Revolut.
  4. All participants should be ready to support our organization committee.
  5. If you require a guide for an activity we will try and provide you with a suitable one.
  6. Refunds are only possible under solid reasoning (accidents in the family, sickness with a medical report, cancellation of the Sundayz itself, etc.).
  7. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant.
  8. Friends of VIS-members:
    • Please tell your VIS friend to send us an email before the registration opens and then you will automatically get a spot if your friend gets one.
  9. The registration for Non-VIS will open two to four weeks after the opening for VIS-Members (the costs are CHF 50.- higher)
  10. Congratulations you read all the nicky details: have a cookie!

You will get an email with all the further details somewhere in the near future


If you have further questions feel free to send us an email at

Abo Reise Teilnahmegebühr (VIS) Teilnahmegebühr (non-VIS)
Ich habe ein GA Im Kollektiv 95.0 95.0
Ich habe ein GA Alleine 95.0 95.0
Ich habe ein Halbtax Im Kollektiv 125.0 125.0
Ich habe ein Halbtax Alleine 95.0 95.0
Ich habe keins von beiden Im Kollektiv 125.0 125.0
Ich habe keins von beiden Alleine 95.0 95.0

Event Organisatoren

Haupt-Organisator Joel Vögtlin