VIS Vorstand FS24

Vorstand FS24
Jonas Blank
Jonas Blank he/him

jonas.blank ät

As president, it is my job to represent VIS in official matters such as talking to the department, the rectorate or VSETH. As a previous Kommu, I'm probably still gonna post one or the other Instagram story, sorry Nadine! I'm also trying to manage the insane amount of mail-spam, that comes with being president.

Simon Ebner
Simon Ebner he/him
Festminister, Vize

simon.ebner ät

I’m the person responsible for distracting my fellow students by making sure that lots of fun events are happening all throughout the semester. My committee organizes all kinds of events to bring some much needed variety to the students day to day lifes. Always open for new event ideas.

Joel Vögtlin
Joel Vögtlin he/him

joel.voegtlin ät

If you find someone in oVIS hiding in a fortress of paperwork that's probably me hunting down that elusive expense invoice. This feels like looking for a needle in a haystack, except that the haystack is made of crumpled receipts, and the needle is playing hide-and-seek with my sanity!

Bozhidar Andonov
Bozhidar Andonov he/him

bozhidar.andonov ät

I am responsible for keeping the oVis and the common room operational. Whether it is post-it-notes, 10 stacks of Coca Cola Zero or 100 kilos of coffee, it is me who orders what people need. I also keep track of the inventory and make sure the committees' deepest desires are fulfilled ;).
What you hear: Blah blah blah blah blah blah. I order coffee. Blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Nadine Frischknecht
Nadine Frischknecht she/her

nadine.frischknecht ät

I’m the one behind most of the social media posts, updates on the website and new merchandise. Another one of my important jobs is not creating a TikTok account.

Kwok Wai Lui
Kwok Wai Lui he/him

kwokwai.lui ät

I collect past exams from our professors and make them accessible on our community platform. Additionally, I organise our exam preparation sessions and manage our mentoring program. It is our goal to support the students to prepare for their exams. If you notice any past exams missing from our collection, or if you have suggestions for enhancements in any area aligned with LUK's objectives, including PVW and beyond, please don't hesitate to send me an email ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ )ノ.

Benedikt Falk
Benedikt Falk he/him

benedikt.falk ät

Ever pondered about the big questions in life? For instance, why don’t we have a summer break? Well, ask no more, because I am here to help change this by assisting in working out PAKETH, a huge change in the academic calendar of ETH to finally relieve the students from permanent stress.

Elias Ruff
Elias Ruff he/him
External Relations

elias.ruff ät

If you've ever wondered where those company events and sponsors at VIS events come from, you now know that I'm on top of those mail chains. Thanks to the power of company marketing budgets and a great team at VIS, you can enjoy those free beers and get a look into the industry. Join us to get some valuable experience in life and to get the job of your dreams.

Elina Jansone
Elina Jansone she/her

elina.jansone ät

If you come into the oVIS, you might find me drinking tea in the corner. I'm here to write and share information (unlike Jonas, I usually do it the boring way) and to help others out! Also, I'll probably be the one responding if you send a mail to the whole board.

Gamal Hassan
Gamal Hassan he/him

gamal.hassan ät

I am in charge of the software development at VIS. This means I make sure VIS platforms get updated regularly with features you didn’t know you needed. If you ever encounter any bugs, then rest assured that they are 100% intentional and definitely not due to lack of sleep.

Jacques Hoffmann
Jacques Hoffmann he/him

jacques.hoffmann ät

Ignoring (most) software development, I am now responsible for the IT in VIS. I am constantly planning major, scary upgrades and panicking, since it usually doesn't work out anyway... Sorry for the downtime, our setup needs some love now. Other tasks, managing permissions & co are easier though!


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