VIS Vorstand FS23

Vorstand FS23
Julia Bogdan
Julia Bogdan she/her

julia.bogdan ät

As VIS president I spend equal amounts of time responding to emails and messages on slack, discussing random things that are going on at ETH and VIS, listening to random people complaining about random things going on at ETH and VIS and lying on the oVIS sofa to recover from all of the above. Oh and occasionally I find time to actually study too.

Florence Kissling
Florence Kissling she/her
Festminister, Vize

florence.kissling ät

I organize the fun stuff. That's basically it.
And I annoy Julia I guess.

Emilia Pucher
Emilia Pucher she/her

emilia.pucher ät

Tax fraud is temporary, SWAG is forever.

Roman Hoffmann
Roman Hoffmann he/him

roman.hoffmann ät

LUKs like he couldn't make time to come up with a description :)

Pascal Strebel
Pascal Strebel he/him
External Relations

pascal.strebel ät

One of my main tasks is to organise money that can then be converted into beer. I also maintain contact with the corporate world. Together with my team, we regularly organise events where you can shine with your brilliant computer science expertise while acquiring some social skills and common sense to score that awesome job after your studies.

Andri Hunkeler
Andri Hunkeler he/him

andri.hunkeler ät

I get to do university politics for VIS. Which is similar to normal politics minus influencing legislation for personal gain, private jets and buckets full of cash from lobbying groups.

Svenja Scherrer
Svenja Scherrer she/her

svenja.scherrer ät

I am responsible for making sure these descriptions appear on here.

Kamelia Ivanova
Kamelia Ivanova she/her

kamelia.ivanova ät

Understandably our beloved Infra board member was too busy ordering mate to describe her job. But yea, if you see the coffee machine working just fine - that's her doing!

Mark Csurgay
Mark Csurgay he/him

mark.csurgay ät

Finding bugs on VIS websites is my passion. When I'm bored I like to add even more. But other than that I make sure the softwares work and introduce people to the codebase.

Dominic Wüst
Dominic Wüst he/him

dominic.wuest ät

I make the beep boops go beep boop 🤖

Nora Dieschbourg
Nora Dieschbourg she/her

nora.dieschbourg ät

If you contact "the VIS" just in general, you'll probably end up talking to me. I'm also in charge of writing the meeting minutes.


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