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VIScon Workshop: The Bitcoin Game


Startzeit 21.10.2023 10:15

Endzeit 21.10.2023 12:45

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This event is only available for VIScon Symposium and Hackathon participants, and Helpers!

Please make sure to sign up to either one first.

We play an interactive offline group game to explore the Bitcoin ecosystem from three perspectives: technology, economics, and society.

Students of the D-GESS course "Shaping a DCent.Society" tested a new game to learn the intricacies of the Bitcoin ecosystem, covering technology, economics, and society. From the fiat money system and its challenges, the game brings design, mining, energy, financial inclusion into a larger context.

You can play with no prior knowledge and collectively build a broad understanding of Bitcoin and its societal implications. Some lucky participants will win cards to take home.

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Event Organisatoren

Haupt-Organisator Diego de los Santos Gausi