CTF stands for Capture The Flag and is about solving computer science puzzles like exploiting applications (web, binary,...) or breaking encryption schemes. During weekly meetings (Mondays, 19:00, CAB H52), the committee and interested students learn how to solve these kinds of problems and how to get better at them. Feel free to join them any time!


Leonardo Galli


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What we do

We are a newly-formed CTF team from ETH Zurich. The team is an integration of the existing team gn00bz and, as such, we have non-ETH members as well.

We are always on the lookout for new members. If interested, please send us a Mail at ctf at vis.ethz.ch (from your ETH mail account).

We would like to hear from both experienced CTF players and beginners alike! Those of you who are new to CTFs, do not feel intimidated because being good at CTFs is just an acquired skill. All it takes is time, practice and some hair-loss (due to you pulling your hair out on that one especially hard problem).

The only prerequisite to joining the team is a passion towards computer security. All the knowledge needed, you can acquire by regularly attending the teams practice sessions.

More information later!

Mailing list:

ctf ät vis.ethz.ch