If you want to reach our students on one of our mailing lists, send your email directly to the appropriate email address on the mailing list. Please follow the following guidelines:

  1. The message goes directly to the students, so please address the students directly (Dear students, ...).
  2. No attachments of any kind are allowed.
  3. No images of any kind are allowed.
  4. Do not use HTML in your message, i.e. no formatting

We cannot edit your message, so please make sure that all points have been complied with. Otherwise we will not send your email to the students.


Students can subscribe independently to the following mailing lists if they want to be informed about offers.

Name of the list Purpose
jobs ät List for job offers, internships and other similar positions for all computer science students (incl. computational biology and bioinformatics)
external-events ät List for external events that specifically address computer science students