Computer Science at ETH Zurich

The CS course at ETH Zurich is the only Swiss course of its kind. It is a relatively new course, launched only in 1981 simultaneously with the formation of the computer science department. As computer science is a field that is moving forward at a high pace, there are quite some challenges in combining these advancements with a classical engineering course.

What is a 'Fachverein'

The dominant form of student associations at the ETH Zurich are 'Fachvereine'. Through affiliation with the core student association VSETH, more than 90% of the students are also members of their 'Fachverein'. These often act in cooperation with the respective department when student matters are concerned.

Of course, 'Fachvereine' act as student representatives towards the course administration and offer a wide range of services to their members, such as making available important documents and organising events.

Our activities

The VIS (Association of computer science students at ETH Zürich) is one of the largest 'Fachvereine' at ETH Zurich. The core of the VIS are the board members, which are a few select volunteers who maintain existing services and implement new ideas. Several committees complement the board members and fulfill tasks such as:

  • Representation of all computer science students to ETH Zürich
  • Annual company fair/recruiting event with focus on computer science ("Kontaktparty")
  • Publication of our own student newspaper, free for all students ("Visionen")
  • Online services such as our job exchange or our forum
  • Supporting our students through various services (e.g. exam archives)
  • Presentations, seminars and excursions
  • Advertisment of the computer science courses to prospective students
  • Social events and gatherings (parties, fondue, sporting events, etc.)