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Here are the current Hopo (internal and external Hopo) listed and a bit described. The description is kept minimal, so that they are interesting for reading. But they are too simple and cannot reflect the whole complexity of a topic. Therefore read with caution and don't use this list alone to form your opinion. If you are interested in more information about a topic, please contact hopo(at) or go to the Hopo-Treff.

Wednesday, 25.11.2020

Checks and quarantine (internal & external)

The current pandemic will also cause problems in the upcoming exam session. Since many exams are only held once a year, students may decide to take exams even though they would have to be in self-isolation or quarantine. Especially for students in the fifth semester of their bachelor's and master's degree, such a situation can greatly delay the completion of their studies.

Hopo Communication (internal)

Many students are not familiar with the Hopo Commission or do not know when and how to contact it, although university politics representation is one of the most important tasks of the VIS. Thus, fruitful discussions in various chat groups remain unobserved. For a more active participation of members, the website could be adapted, social media channels could be operated more actively, central chat servers could be used and the semester speakers could actively advertise. Further ideas are welcome.

Wednesday, 11.11.2020

Exam modes (internal)

Discussion of the details in further proceedings.

Wednesday, 14.10.2020

Postponement of the exam session (external) [Addendum]

All the professional associations on VSETH's Student Council (FR) agree that a postponement should be sought. In addition, a week in the autumn semester is also aimed at as an analogy to the Easter vacations.

Examination modes and criticism (internal)

In the past, there has been repeated criticism of the examination modes of individual lectures. An important point of criticism is the necessity of excessive practice of certain task types, which does not lead to a better understanding, but seems to be indispensable for time pressure tasks. Likewise, recurring tasks in which only values are adjusted result in "overfitting", which may even worsen comprehension. Therefore tasks are demanded, which check the deeper understanding, but without displacing some easier tasks. In the future this topic will be further elaborated, opinions are always welcome.

Monday, 05.10.2020

Postponement of the exam session (external)

A possible postponement of the examination session in the summer semester has become a topic of discussion at the VSETH Student Council (FR). The arguments for this are the length of the examination session and then too short a vacation, which is also supported by the results of the wiegETHs survey. There may also be organizational simplifications for mobility students. arguments against this are the non-base examination split in some departments, a shortened learning phase for end-of-semester examinations and a postponement of the examination registration deadlines. Variations such as an extension of the examination phase and the exact postponement period are also discussed.

wiegEHTs continuation (external)

In FS19, a survey on the well-being of students regarding stress during studies and possible mobbing and discrimination was launched by VSETH and then evaluated by ETH Zurich. One finds the summary here The VSETH has accordingly together with the ETH measures and goals set, which one would like to pursue gladly. Also new places were created, e.g. for the promotion of the LGBTQ+ Community. On ETH stage the Hopo team of the VSETH tries to accompany these now and to give there also feedback. This evaluation was then also brought to departmental level in FS20, since courses of study and departments differ in their composition and cultures. A summary of this can be found here. (login with