Welcome to ETH Zurich!

We are happy to welcome you to ETH. The beginning of your studies can be a bit confusing and a bit overwhelming. We hope the following information will help you to find your way around here at ETH. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at nachkomm ät vis.ethz.ch.

VIS - Your study association

We are the association of computer science students and therefore now your study association. VIS is an association of computer science students for computer science students which is part of VSETH, the umbrella organisation for all ETH students. The services and events of our study association are broadly diversified in a way that is intended to support you in your studies, bring variety to your everyday study life, and to bring together fellow students from all years.

Becoming a VIS member is very easy and apart from a membership fee of 10 Swiss francs per semester at VSETH, you aren't obligated to do anything. Here are the instructions on how to become a VIS member

Common room

Because you need a break from all the studying, we have set up a lounge for us students at the CAB - including a coffee machine, table tennis and a billiard table. As a member you get two free cups of coffee per day. Our office, the oVIS, is also located in the common room, there you can almost always find a contact person from the study program who is happy to help you with whatever you need (yes, even if there isn't any milk left for your coffee).

Exam preparation

When things get serious, you can get an extensive collection of old exams from VIS - digitally or in paper form. This will help you prepare for the exams in the best possible way. The Basisprüfungsheft contains tips on the subjects that are relevant to you for the time being.


VIS offers a wide range of events for outside of your daily study routine. These are spread throughout the year and give you the opportunity to make personal contacts with like-minded people. There are the two first semester parties at the beginning of the semester (one together with all ETH students and one among ourselves) and then later in the semester there is our fondue party FIGUGEGL, as well as the traditional Christmas brunch at the end of the semester.

In the new year, our gigantic barbecue, the VISKAS (Very Important Session at KAtzenSee), takes place in spring, this is the biggest event of the study association year and will spoil you with culinary delights. In addition, in winter we hold the Snowdayz, VIS's own ski camp.

In between these big events we also organize smaller events, which range from theater visits to laser tag and Europa-Park to wakeboarding on Lake Zurich. All events are strongly discounted or even free for members.

D-INFK - Your Department

The Department of Informatics, or D-INFK, is also happy to help you, especially with organizational questions. The most important contact points here are:

The Studies Administration

The Studies Administration is the first point of contact for almost all your questions, especially for questions regarding administrative matters but also questions related to military service and much more. In any case, the studies administration can refer you to the person or office responsible for your specific question.

The Student Advisory Service

The Student Advisory Service is available to answer questions about the content of your studies.

The Mobility Advisory Service

If you want to spend one or two semesters abroad, please contact the Mobility Advisory Service of the Department of Computer Science or the Mobility Office of the Rectorate.

All contacts can be found here

ETH - Your university

Counseling and Coaching

If no matter how much you're studying you still feel overwhelmed and don't know how to cope with all the material, then contact the Student Services team Counselling and Coaching for advice and coaching.


The IT Services operate the IT infrastructure of ETH. For you, this means that they provide a wide range of IT services. They enable you to print at ETH, give you your e-mail address, provide you with a lot of software for free and much more. Here is an explanation of what ID provides and how you can use it.

Projekt Neptun

Projekt Neptun provides students and university employees in Switzerland with high-quality laptops at fair prices. If you don't have a laptop yet and you want to get one, Projekt Neptun is probably your best bet. There is a sales window at the beginning of each semester.

Your own apartment in Zurich

Finding an apartment in Zurich unfortunately isn't always easy. Here the Woko and the Zimmer- und Wohnungsvermittlung Universität / ETH Zürich are your best contacts for affordable apartments. We have put together a few links that we hope will help you.

Other useful links

Worth reading

The following overview is taken from «Visionen», the club magazine of VIS. It is highly recommended for first-year students.

Further, somewhat more detailed articles

Further information material: