University politics

What is the Hopo

Hopo is all about university politics. The VIS has a committee of about 20 members and a Board Member for Hopo, which take care of all topics concerning university politics. If you have a problem or suggestions with anything concerning ETH, be it a lecture, ETH regulations or something about the study program, then you are in the right place. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reach us

You can reach us via mail to hopo(at) Also, you can always come to the Hopo Treff to listen and/or discuss. There we discuss our current topics every two weeks. More information:

Current topics:

You can find the current topics here: Besides, you can also have a look at the agenda at the Hopo-Treff.

Committees of Hopo

By sitting on various committees (Teaching Committee (UK), Department Conference (DK), VSETH Council of Study Assosciations (FR) and VSETH Members Council (MR)) we can influence the teaching, the orientation of the department and the infrastructure available to students. In addition, we supervise the semester speakers and hold personal discussions with the administration and the professors of the department on a regular basis in order to improve the situation of the students.

We differentiate between internal and external Hopo from our point of view. Internal Hopo contains all topics of the department concerning Hopo and this includes the UK and the DK. External Hopo includes all VSETH topics related to Hopo, including FR and MR. More information can be found at


The members are listed here:


There is also a FAQ: