Information for high school students

Try-Out Day at ETH Zurich

To get some insights into the Computer Science studies at ETH, the committee for prospective students (NachKomm) gives the possibility to spend a day at ETH Zurich. During the day the students accompany Computer Science students to the lectures and exercise sessions. At lunch they can ask questions about the studies and the life at ETH.

Are you interested in spending a day at ETH? Write an email to nachkomm at and we will contact you!

You can find further information about the CS studies on the website of the D-INFK (Department of Computer Science).

Try-Out Week for female students

The CSNOW offers a try-out week in CS twice a year specially for women.

You can find more information on their website.

Information days at ETH Zurich

The NachKomm is also present at the Information days at ETH. CS students answer questions about the studies and advice students, which are unsure about the choice of study at the booth of the D-INFK.