Master ohne ETH Bachelor

If you didn’t do your Bachelor at the ETH, and only just came here for your Master, you have probably met our MoEB committee during your welcome day. The MoEB committee supports you with different events during the semester and answering questions from interested students and MoEBs. New members and their ideas are always welcome.


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What we do

Our goal is to make the lives of Computer Science MSc students without an ETH Bachelor easier by acting as a central point of contact, by representing their interests vis-à-vis the Department, and by better integrating them into the student community. We do not replace the department's educational administration and academic counseling services, but complement these by cooperating with them, and specifically addressing issues pertinent to MSc students without an ETH Bachelor. So if you have a BSc (or similar)

  • from a university outside Switzerland,
  • from a Swiss university other than ETH,
  • or from a Swiss University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule),

and you have

  • a general question regarding your studies (e.g. organizing your study plan, the mentoring system, your exams),
  • a suggestion,
  • or a complaint,

then don't hesitate to contact us at moeb ät We will try to answer your question, or at the very least point you into the direction of someone who knows the answer.

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