NachKomm (Nachwuchs-Kommission)

The NachKomm deals with all questions concerning future Computer Science students at ETH Zurich. It is the committee's goal to inform young people about the CS course at the ETH Zurich at the most objective level possible. Restraints and prejudices are to be diminished whilst giving a realistic image of the actual learning contents. NachKomm promotes any people equally, hence complementing the department's own `Frauenförderung'.

Schnuppertag Computer Science at the ETH Zurich

To gain an insight into the everyday life of a CS student, the NachKomm offers high school students the opportunity to spend a day at the ETH. Accompanied by an actual student, they may visit lectures, and ask questions during breaks.

More information for high school students: here.

VIS Mentor Programme

The VIS Mentor Programme is meant for CS students at ETH Zurich who have administrative questions about their studies. They are given the chance of contacting more experienced students and having their questions answered by them.


During the Maturandentage of the ETH Zurich the Nachkomm joins the department's staff answering questions and giving advice to all those who are considering to study Computer Science.


Christopher Raffl


  • Florian Bütler
  • Lasse Meinen
  • Lea Künstler
  • Lukas Walker
  • Marc Widmer
  • Nina Richter
  • Thore Göbel
  • Sarina Müller
  • Nora Tommila
  • Matthias Mylaeus
  • Leilah Semeraro
  • Daphné Mayor
  • Fiona Muntwyler
  • Yannick Hauri
  • John Staib Matilla
  • Erik Giorgis
  • Diego Arapovic

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