Becoming a VIS Member

The VIS is part of the VSETH, hence by becoming a VSETH member you also become a VIS member if you're enrolled at D-INFK. Becoming a VSETH member is done by paying the CHF 10.- voluntary fee for VSETH membership, which is most easily done by making the necessary selection in the electronic term enrollment form (see below).

VIS/VSETH membership - enrollment

In case of late subscription to the VSETH membership it will take a few weeks until you get the membership in the system.

Verify membership

We try to always have an up-to-date list of our members. However, there may be errors e.g. due to late subscriptions. If you are not able to use our services despite that you paid the VSETH membership fee, please bring your ETH semester bill to our office to enable us to find out what went wrong.

Please send important Mails to: