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Pokémon online tournament

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Event start time 6.4.2020 00:00

Event end time 1.5.2020 00:00

To make the daily routine in the quarantine a little more exciting, I'm organizing a simple Pokémon tournament. Anyone with a mobile phone or browser and with access to the Internet can participate. It will take place over the span of several weeks, and is expected to run until the end of April. A Pokémon Match lasts on average 10 minutes, so a participant doesn't have to spend a lot of time each day. What the exact dates and times will look like and what the tournament format will be will depend on the number of participants. The whole thing will be reasonably planned, as matches will only take place in the afternoon and the participants will have enough breaks and preparation time. The most important information will be communicated early. I'm doing all this on my own and I will mainly use Mail for communication, some Google Sheets and Pokémon Showdown, a web application for the Pokémon Matches that doesn't require a login or personal information. So everyone can join and you don't have to download or pay anything. You'll get more information once you're registered.

Event organisers

Main event organiser Johan Stettler