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Kontaktparty Career Center LinkedIn Workshop


Event start time 23.2.2021 17:15

Event end time 23.2.2021 18:15

In the last few years, LinkedIn has become an increasingly popular way to connect professionally. More employers are using LinkedIn as a recruitment and hiring tool, and students and professionals as well are using it in their job searches.

During this presentation, the audience will have the opportunity to explore how LinkedIn can help them with the following problems:

  • How do I find companies / people who would be interested in my profile?

  • How do I find companies who are hiring in my field of interest?

  • What kind of jobs / career paths are open to me?

  • Where do people matching my personal profile work? How did they get there?

  • How can I optimize my LinkedIn profile in order to be found (or not) by recruiters and hiring managers

Ideally, the audience will have their tablet/laptop with them so that they can explore the platform synchronously with the presenters.

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Event organisers

Main event organiser Alexander Staikov