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Event start time 13.4.2021 17:00

Event end time 13.4.2021 20:00

We proudly invite you to attend the “VIS Hacks Oracle Labs” workshop on Zoom. We did originally plan the workshop at our Zurich location in Prime Tower, but are thankful for your flexibility with regard to the current situation.

In this workshop, you will get to know some of Oracle Labs’ technologies within the context of the brand new version of the Oracle Autonomous Cloud Database, 21c. Together, we will hack some JavaScript in the database and will also have a look at quick, low-code application development with Oracle Application Express, APEX. This will be fun, but also give you a glimpse at what our internships are all about.

In preparation for this event, we will onboard you to the always-free tier of the Oracle Cloud with some additional special benefits. What is even better is that you will be able to keep this free account as long as you want, even after the event. Note that for this onboarding, you will need to register with an email address. This email address will be only used for cloud onboarding, we won’t use it for any other purpose like recruiting.

Oracle Labs is focused solely on cutting-edge research and development. We are breaking new ground in areas like graph processing, machine-learning, notebook technology, multilingual compilers and run times, and – of course – databases.

Date: Tuesday, April 13, on Zoom (login details will be provided after registration)

Time: 3-hour event starting at 5.00 PM


• Introduction to APEX and Database-Side JavaScript programming

• Live Hacking (in teams of 1-3 students)

• Q & A session with Oracle Labs researchers and engineers (open-ended)

Event organisers

Main event organiser Eric Nothum