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VIScon Workshop: Network Analytics at Swisscom


Event start time 16.10.2021 13:00

Event end time 16.10.2021 16:00

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IETF means innovation and collaboration at the same time. Swisscom is active at GROW, NETCONF and OPSAWG working groups. There we research with universities, network operators and vendors together to bring Network Analytics to the next level. In this context we reach out to new young talents interested to master this discipline, to continue transforming this industry from device to network monitoring.

Our challenge. Your chance to make a difference. Networks are not designed for Big Data. Quite the opposite. 30-40 years ago, memory and computing power was scarce. The goal was to have only the minimum amount of information on each node in the network. Therefore, by default no information is exposed. We needed to query them. An even then, they only have some basic metrics about themselves.

CLI and small data, plain text, are made for humans. API's and Big Data for software. With millions of paths in thousands of routing contexts and ten thousand of route-policies, to predict high availability, is for humans with CLI almost impossible.

IETF, the standardization body of the Internet, understood that network monitoring and network orchestration need to become one. Netconf and Restconf as the API. YANG as the data modelling language.

Topics of interest for this workshop include:

  • Introduction into Network Telemetry Data Collection
  • How load distribution for Network Telemetry data collection enables data correlation at scale
  • How Network Analytics is being used at Swisscom
  • How collected Network data is used for Network Visualization
  • What are the current Network Telemetry topics at IETF

The workshop will be presented by:

  • Thomas Graf - Distinguished Network Engineer and Network Analytics Architect
  • Marco Tollini - Data Engineer in Network Telemetry
  • Eduard Bachmakov - ETH Master Thesis - Operating System-Level Load Distribution for Network Telemetry Data Collection

We are also on the lookout for helpers and helping will be worth your time. Please check out the helpertool.

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Main event organiser Elias Ruff