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VIScon Workshop: Rapid Prototyping


Event start time 16.10.2021 12:00

Event end time 16.10.2021 14:00

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Lots of products fail if they are not solving the right problem or if they are trying to solve a problem but in the wrong way. In this interactive workshop, we will look briefly at the purpose of ‘Discovery’ in the context of software development and focus on how to find creative solutions to problems.

There are many frameworks and tools you can use to discover both more about the problems or underserved needs and to learn more about what great solutions could be to these. In this session, we’ll look at rapid prototyping as a tool to jumpstart the ideation process, cast the net wide and ultimately come up with possible solutions to then take into validation with customers or users.

Join us in our quest to find solutions for interesting problems. You will work in small teams, faced with a problem and get hands-on practice with a valuable discovery tool, learning how you could employ it in other situations and finding how you can work with others to generate ideas, build on top of each other’s thoughts and converge to a first solution.

We are also on the lookout for helpers and helping will be worth your time. Please check out the helpertool.

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Main event organiser Elias Ruff