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VIScon Workshop: Build a Handheld Game Console


Event start time 16.10.2021 16:15

Event end time 16.10.2021 19:15

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You can find additional information on our website.

COVID Certificates are mandatory! You will be denied entry if you cannot present one.

Don’t forget to bring a laptop and a Micro USB cable that is capable of data transfer with you.


The PewPew handheld game console was specifically designed as a simple system for learning game programming using Python. In an introduction to soldering, you will first assemble it from a kit. Then we will show you how to connect it to your computer and upload Python code to control its 8×8 pixel LED display and six buttons to create a simple video game. No knowledge of Python is required, but some experience with programming helps.

Thanks to its expansion port, the PewPew also lets you experiment with additional electronics. We have a bunch of components for you such as colorful LEDs, knobs, light sensors, speakers, accelerometers – there will only be time to cover a few of them, but you will receive instructions on how to try more at home and make your games more interactive.

You will need a laptop (Mac, Windows, Linux), best with the Mu editor already installed (it's also fine if you can't install it), and a micro-USB cable (make sure it's not a charging-only cable). All further tools and materials are provided.


PewPew documentation and tutorial

PewPew Project Page

CircuitPython Project Page


We are also on the lookout for helpers and helping will be worth your time. Please check out the helpertool.

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Main event organiser Elias Ruff