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VIS meets Huawei

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Event start time 19.5.2022 14:00

Event end time 19.5.2022 16:00


Interested in Huawei Technologies? Not sure if Huawei is right for you? Then this event is exactly right for you! Get your very own impression of Huawei in a relaxed atmosphere and have an open discusssion with their ETH Alumni.

If you would like to learn more about Huawei or want to ask anything, have an exchange with their ETH Alumni & Speakers at this event!

This event will help you gain insights about:

  • Career tipps in the tech industry
  • Career path to Huawei

About Huawei

With R&D investments of more than CHF 18 billion per year, Huawei is one of the leading high-tech innovation drivers. Their basic research is a full five to ten years ahead of the commercialization of relevant technologies.

A major element of the Zurich Research Center is a new research laboratory focused on fundamental research in the area of computing systems spanning new hardware, new software, new algorithms.

The research work of the lab is carried out not only by Huawei’s internal research staff but also by their academic research partners in universities across Europe. The lab provides an “open research environment” where academics are encouraged to visit and work on fundamental long-term research alongside Huawei staff in an environment that, like the best universities and research institutes, is open and conducive to such scientific work.


  • 14:00 – Welcome to Huawei Research Center
  • 14:10 – Spirit of Innovation
  • 14:45 – Career Path in Huawei
  • 15:00 – Open Q&A
  • 16:00 – Closing of Event

ETH Alumni Speakers at Zurich Research Center:

  • Verner Vlacic – Postdoc Researcher (Computer Architecture)
  • Renzo Andri – Senior Researcher in ML Hardware Acceleration
  • Lukas Cavigelli – Principal Researcher (Computer Architecture)
  • Alexander Liniger – ML Researcher (Computer Vision & ML)
  • Aristeidis Mastoras – Postdoc Researcher (Computer Architecture)

Speaker at Zurich Research Center:

  • Wang Zhe – Product Line Representative
  • Moses Wang – President in Zurich Research Center
  • Scott Xu – Team Lead “Embedded Systems”
  • Marina Bujosa – HR Director
  • Vanessa Sanchez – Senior Recruiter
  • Kyle Do – Technical Staffing Specialist
  • Davide Bartolini – Principal Researcher (Computer Architecture)


Huawei Zurich Research Center

Thurgauerstrasse 40, 8050 Zurich

(Reception on the 4th floor)

Event organisers

Main event organiser Andreas Brombach