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PVW Analysis I, Week 2, Afternoon

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Event start time 4.7.2022 13:00

Event end time 4.7.2022 13:00

Exam preparation workshops in "Analysis I" as a form of support during exam prep time.

Monday 4.7.2022 - Friday 8.7.2022, 13:00- 16:00 Teaching assistant: Jonathan Stettler, Language: EN

IMPORTANT: The workshop is held at the same time every day from Monday - Friday.

Room (monday-friday): ETZ E 8

What are PVWs? The workshops are led, if possible, by teaching assistants of the respective lecture and are intended to give you the opportunity to practice the material of the lecture during 5 half days, to clear up ambiguities, and to prepare for the exam. The workshops serve as a supplement and not as a substitute for independent learning. We attach great importance to an interactive design, so we also expect the participants to actively participate, solve exercises and ask questions. This is how you will benefit most from this offering. We would like to ask the participants to prepare for the workshop. This does not mean that you have to study intensively in advance. However, you should be familiar with the topics (e.g. through regular work during the semester) and know where you still have gaps. The PVWs are open to all students who are enrolled in the respective lecture, including non-VIS members.

DISCLAIMER: We would like to point out that the PVWs are not suitable for all types of learners. Furthermore, we do not take any responsibility for your exam result and do not guarantee a passing score. Please always be aware that the course is organized by volunteers and that in case of unforeseen events we cannot guarantee its execution. In addition, all PVW scripts can be found in the exam collection on the VIS website. The event will always take place at the same time from Monday - Friday. You, therefore, register for the whole week. After registering, you can pay online to confirm your attendance. Please do this within 3 days, otherwise, you will lose your place. If you want to register for more than one PVW, please register for all of them first and pay afterward, so you can check again if you have registered for the right ones. If you register for one PVW, all overlapping PVWs will be blocked automatically. Unsubscribe again if you signed up by mistake or changed your mind. If a workshop is already full, you will be put on the waiting list and there is a chance that you will still get a place.

REFUNDS: We do not offer refunds unless you have a solid reason (for example sickness with medical report), since there is only limited availability.

Cost VIS members Cost non-VIS
50.0 50.0

Event organisers

Main event organiser Matthew Weingarten