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EESTEC Kickoff & Info


Event start time 28.9.2023 18:30

Event end time 28.9.2023 19:30

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Want to explore new places all over Europe? Travel on a student-friendly budget? Do you want to meet new people and learn about foreign cultures? Or just want to learn more about EESTEC?

Are you confident and like to talk to companies about sponsorship money on eye level? Or are you a creative mind and like to contribute your ideas? Or do you like to come up with unusual ideas for parties? Or are you simply open-minded and would like to show our European guests the best side of Switzerland?

Then come to our Kickoff & Info Event! First we will tell you who we are, what we do and where we have been in Europe for about 30 minutes. You will also learn how to become a member and how to travel with us.

Afterwards we will have Sangria as a preparation for the following freshman festival (ESF), where we will go together (entry/ticket is your responsibility).

No registration necessary. Just show up :)

Where: HG D 3.2

Can't make it? You can find a selection of international events at Come to one of our bi-weekly meetings (, Telegram Channel) and ask your questions or talk to us if you see someone in our bright red T-shirts & hoodies ;)

Event organisers

Main event organiser Michael Heider