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VIScon Workshop: Hands-On Hacking Advanced – A sneak peek into OSCP


Event start time 21.10.2023 10:15

Event end time 21.10.2023 12:15

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This event is only available for VIScon Symposium and Hackathon participants, and Helpers!

Please make sure to sign up to either one first.

In this workshop we will take a look into the diary of a penetration tester and learn about offensive tools to make infrastructures and applications more secure. Using real examples, you will get to know the procedure of penetration testing.

Red Teaming, Ethical Hacking, and Penetration Testing are crucial roles in the cybersecurity landscape. By emulating malicious hackers' actions and identifying vulnerabilities within systems, these activities help organizations enhance their security against potential cyber threats. While all cybersecurity fields are essential, offensive cybersecurity activities are indispensable to safeguard companies from being hacked.

The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) is one of the top certifications in the field of IT security. In the workshop, we will take a look at the content of the course together and pick out a few exciting topics. We will play through these topics interactively on systems so that you get the feel for the activities as a penetration tester.

  • Participants should be able to identify vulnerabilities in web applications

  • Participants know how to set up their environment to conduct a Penetration Test

  • Participants know tools used to conduct a penetration test and can use them for simple enumeration / exploitation

  • Participants should know common problems and potential pitfalls when conducting Penetration Tests

Participants are asked to bring their own laptop to the workshop. It is recommended to have Linux ready (as a virtual machine), preferably Kali Linux or another security distribution.

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Event organisers

Main event organiser Diego de los Santos Gausi