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Event start time 21.11.2023 18:15

Event end time 21.11.2023 20:00

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Meta is a leading technology company formerly known as Facebook. It specializes in social media, virtual reality, and augmented reality, with a mission to connect people and build the next generation of internet technologies. The presentation to be hosted at ETH will cover two key topics related to Meta: First, Researchers from Meta will provide an overview of "Simulation-Based Testing" at Meta. This presentation will explain the concept of Simulation-Based Testing, detailing what it involves and how it can be effectively combined with other testing methods to ensure the high quality of Meta's products. The audience will also gain insights from practical examples illustrating the real-world applications of this testing approach. For further in-depth information on this topic, attendees are encouraged to explore publications from the Meta research team, including: "Testing Web Enabled Simulation at Scale Using Metamorphic Testing": Read the paper "WES: Agent-based User Interaction Simulation": Read the paper "Simulation-Driven Automated End-to-End Test and Oracle Inference": Read the paper Additionally, the presentation will encompass an overview of "Machine Learning Engineering" at Meta. Researchers from Meta will walk the audience through the entire lifecycle of a machine learning project, starting from ideation and progressing to the deployment of models into production. Furthermore, the talk will delve into the specific work carried out by the Meta research team, the Catalog Crawling Platform, to provide real-world examples and context for machine learning engineering within Meta. Attendees can look forward to a comprehensive understanding of these two crucial aspects of Meta's work during the presentation.

The event will be held in CAB G51 on the 21.11 at 18:15.

Event organisers

Main event organiser Florence Kissling