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UBS Event: Java Runs Really Fast

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Event start time 15.5.2024 16:15

Event end time 15.5.2024 18:30

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We will explore the various aspects that impact the performance of Java-based applications, and cover these topics: algorithms, software architecture, computer architecture, memory allocation, multithreading, and the impact of Java compiler and JVM on performance. Java will be compared to other programming languages, such as Rust and Python, to explain how their design can impact a program and debunk the myth that Java is slow.

By attending, you’ll learn how various university subjects can come together and be leveraged to write modern, high-performing Java enterprise applications outside of academia. We’ll showcase advanced techniques for you to develop a holistic toolbox of solutions for your use when addressing a performance-related problem. The overall goal is to move concepts from “I don’t know what I don’t know” to “I know what I don’t know, but I can always learn it if needed.”

Networking: After the lecture, please join attendees and network with many UBS engineers at the apéro!

Disclaimer: We will ask you to sign a consent form before the event to take pictures for internal or external usage.

When: Wednesday, 15.05.2024, 16:15-18:30

Where: HG E3

Event organisers

Main event organiser Nicolas Wehrli