startups@KP 2019

Our Vision

It's already the eleventh time, that startups@KP takes place. Our mission is to give the opporunity to build a network between the students and the startups. On one hand it serves as an inspiration for where the borders of the possible is being moved to. On the other hand startups@KP enables the students the chance to become a part of one of these new chapters in the world of information technology and entrepreneurship.

Important Info

Where: Polymensa of ETH Zürich
When: March 2nd 2019, 1p.m. - 5p.m.

Participating Companies

The participating companies will be announced as soon as the registration period finishes.

More Information

More information and especially the portraits of participating startups can be found inside the startup@KP fair guide. It will be available for download here after the participating companies have been announced.

Please send important Mails to: