The FR is a committee in which the Study Associations and committees of the VSETH discuss political topics of the VSETH. The VSETH represents all ETH students at ETH level and sits on similar bodies as the UK and DK at ETH level. The FR monitors how the VSETH represents the interests of the students and how the VSETH's businesses are running. Furthermore, the FR has its own budget and can therefore also do certain things, e.g. finance projects or events. The FR also discusses motions for the MR and each representative at the FR forwards the information to his Study Association.


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In the VIS the president is the representative of our Study Association at the FR. It is common that the vice-presidents and/or the Boardmember for Hopo is the substitute. Those interested in the VIS can also be members. However, only one person per Study Association is entitled to vote. You can reach the representatives via mail.

Mailing list:

fr ├Ąt vis.ethz.ch