I have a problem with a lecture or a professor, who can I contact?

It is best to contact your semester speakers (if you are attending compulsory lectures from the 1st - 4th semester BSc.) or write an e-mail to hopo(at)vis.ethz.ch.

I have a problem with the organisation of my studies, who can I contact?

Contact the D-INFK Student Secretariat. The easiest way to contact them is by e-mail at studiensekretariat(at)inf.ethz.ch.

Where can I find the grade statistics?

These are currently published in the VIS visionen. All issues can be found here: https://vis.ethz.ch/en/visionen/archive/. The second issue of each semester contains the grade statistics of the last semester.

Does the Hopo actually accomplish anything?

Most Hopo topics run over several years, sometimes longer than the duration of a study period. Thus it is clear that many doubt the effectiveness of the Hopo Commission. First and foremost, we try to inform the students. Many problems arise from a lack of information on a topic. Nevertheless, we believe that our influence in Hopo has a great impact. We see this in the successes of the past.

How can I contribute with minimal effort?

You should keep up to date with the latest topics and always fill in the surveys for lectures and exams.

Do these surveys really have any effect?

Thanks to the surveys, A&D has made it possible to split the programming part and the written part in their exam. Thanks to surveys, scripts were created for lectures that did not have a script for a long time. Surveys made it easier to optimize exams. Thanks to surveys you have the Basisprüfungssplit. Survey results help the VIS to better represent the students' opinions. Survey results are looked at and taken seriously by lecturers and the school management.

How can I inform myself about current topics at Hopo?

You can find all information here: https://vis.ethz.ch/en/politics/current-topics/.

Where and how can I express my opinion on Hopo topics?
- You can either write a mail to hopo(at)vis.ethz.ch,
- report to the official representatives of the Hopo
- or you come to the Hopo-Treff.
What's the Hopo-Treff?

You can find all information here: https://vis.ethz.ch/en/politics/hopo-treff/

Who can come to the Hopo-Treff?

Basically anyone who is interested.

Where can I find the representatives of VIS's Hopo?

You can find all the information here: https://vis.ethz.ch/en/about/politics/

Who elects the representatives?

All VIS members at the general meeting. This takes place at the beginning of each semester.

How do I become a representative?

You can find all information here: https://vis.ethz.ch/en/about/politics/