The Hopo-Treff is a meeting of VIS students where Hopo topics are discussed. The topics are mainly from the internal Hopo and less from the external Hopo. Representatives from the UK and DK sit at this session and can forward what has been discussed to the departement. Examples of topics can be found here: https://vis.ethz.ch/en/politics/aktuell/.

Everyone is allowed to come to the Hopo-Treff, everyone is free to express their opinion and everyone is allowed to add topics. However, topics should be submitted early so that one can prepare oneself for them. Write an email to hopo(at)vis.ethz.ch. The committee president organizes and structures the Hopo-Treff and decides when which topic will be discussed. For the past few years we held those meetings in German, because everyone there could better speak German. However, those meetings are primarly in English and only in German, if all atendees agree on that.

The Hopo-Treff does not take place this semester, due to the COVID-19 virus.

The dates are determined by the Hopo committee at the beginning of the semester.

The meetings of the Hopo-Treff are also recorded and are open to VSETH members (including VIS members). Note that they are in German. https://vis.ethz.ch/en/memberarea/politics/hopo-treff/