"Do you have visions?"

On this website you will find information about the magazine Ā«VisionenĀ», which is being published by the Verein der Informatikstudierenden (Association of Computer Science Students) at the ETH Zurich. Please use the links to your left to navigate to the requested information.

"Feel like writing?"

We always need articles and are happy if members write something and send it to us. Before you start, here are some hints

Mediadaten / Inserieren

You can download the Mediadaten 2021 here.

Why advertise in Visionen?

  • The magazine is sent to all Computer Science students, many ETH Zurich professors and co-workers from the field. Hence it offers itself as a medium for communication between companies and potential co-workers in computer science and consulting.
  • Visionen gives you the possibility of presenting your enterprise, your products and technologies to tomorrow's computer scientists.
  • With an advertisement in the Visionen you reach 2000 young, educated people between 17 and 30.