Periodicity: 6 times a year
Readers: Students, Alumni
Companies & VIS-Friends
Circulation(Print): 3000
Circulation (WEMF 2021): (2892)
Distribution: by mail


After the foundation of the VIS, the first Visionen appeared on May 18, 1984. As the associations magazine, they still report on more or less relevant things from everyday life at the university.

The Visionen Committee prints an issue of approximately 64 pages three times per semester, which is mailed to almost 3000 students.


The Visionen online for all paper savers and researchers of the past.

Anyone, who does not want to receive the Visionen anymore can send us an email.

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The Visionen offer the perfect advertising space for jobs, companies, events and much more.

Three times a semester, we reach about 3,000 students between the ages of 17 and 30.

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