Design Kommission

2nd semester or above

Do you like doodling, drawing, drafting and designing? Are you one of those people whose mind slowly drifts off during a lecture and you find yourself scribbling little sketches on your notes instead? Tools like Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator or Affinity Photo/Designer are second nature to you?

Whatever artistic skill you may have or wish to have, whether you are a beginner or a professional, the design committee is your place to shape and refine that diamond! Not only do we create all these awesome posters for various VIS events, we also take care of all sorts of merchandise. All of our work is done voluntarily besides our studies, we are no experts and don't claim to be, we are doing this out of motivation and procrastination. We don't follow a common theme or design language, instead everybody is encouraged to work in his/her own style and try out new things.

We give each other feedback, share ideas and skills, so that everyone can learn from each other. Additionally, we provide you with licenses for the entire Affinity suite and also for Adobe CC, so you don't even need to buy or "buy" the software yourself.


Andreas Brombach


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