Board Members

As some students eventually graduate or take a study break, pretty much every semester new nice guys and gals are needed to take over a position as a board member.

If interested, feel free to drop by.


Currently there are 15 committees (You can find them here) and they are usually on the lookout for juniors. As the committees work in quite different fields of interest, you may or may not find something that would suit you.

If interested, it's best to contact the committee directly. You can find e-mail addresses on our committee-website. You can be elected into a committee at a General Assembly or during the semester.


The Visionen team is always on the lookout for help and articles. For more information visit the Visionen-Website.

VIS' Little Helpers

You would like to do your part in the VIS without binding yourself? For people like you we have a mailinglist that you can subscribe to if you are interested in the VIS and eventually would like to help. Typically an email is sent to this list when helpers for an event are needed.