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Kontaktparty Career Center Networking Workshop


Event start time 25.2.2021 17:15

Event end time 25.2.2021 18:15

Does cold sweat run down your back when you hear the word "networking"? Do you dread entering a room full of people with whom you are supposed to small talk? No worries, it is perfectly normal for students and graduates to feel a bit daunted by this social ritual. Luckily, networking is a skill that anyone can learn. With a little bit of preparation and the right routine, students and graduates can successfully tackle networking.

During this interactive presentation, the audience will learn to think about and approach networking differently. We will speak and reflect about the following topics:

  • Why do we feel so uncomfortable with networking?

  • Why is networking important?

  • Are extroverts better networkers than introverts are?

  • Networking for people who hate networking – a new definition of networking

  • How to use your scientific/technical skills to network (informational interviewing)

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Event organisers

Main event organiser Alexander Staikov