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Event start time 5.12.2019 19:15

Event end time 5.12.2019 23:15

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The VIS will watch Faust I by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the Schauspielhaus Zurich! Faust was undeniably his magnus opus and remains a classic. Whether you had to read it for your german courses in high school or did so on a voluntarily basis, you surely will enjoy this play!

*Note: The play will be held in German, but there are many informations about it online. Try this link here from Wikipedia.

In the following, you can find the official synopsis from the Schauspielhaus:

This Faust has travelled far. It is one of the most important works of the two artistic directors of Schauspielhaus Zürich and was invited to the Berlin-based Theatertreffen festival in 2012. The magazine Theater Heute voted it production of the year, Benjamin von Blomberg was distinguished as dramaturge of the year, and Sebastian Rudolph was voted actor of the year. The jury for the 3sat prize at Theatertreffen explained their decision as follows: “Nobody has ever seen a production of Faust Ⅰ & Ⅱ like this one by Nicolas Stemann. His production itself is a Faustian event, a musing and exploration of what holds this drama together at the deepest level, and what it has to offer – for us today.” The fact that Faust appears as a contemporary today is unsettling, but this is the present that Goethe is talking about: a liberated society of radical individualists who are incapable of engaging in a community or collective forms of work. And the devil whispers in their years: be your own benchmark! This production, now enriched by a few extra years and experiences, will now be shown in Zurich at last in a new version at the Schauspielhaus.


| Meeting time | 19.15 | | --- | --- | | Play starts | 19.30 | | End of Event | ca. 22:50 |

We'll meet in front of the Schauspielhaus Zurich (Pfauen), next to the museum of art. Please be there at 19.20 by the latest, afterwards we're going in and you will not be able to get your ticket from us!

Cost VIS members Cost non-VIS
5.0 10.0

Event organisers

Main event organiser Marcel Schmid