Career Center Events 2024

As every year, the Career Center offers you events for further education. We would be pleased if many students join the events and learn something helpful for a possible future career. The following presentations will be held this year:

Career Misconceptions

In their career coaching sessions with students and doctoral students, the ETH Career Center regularly encounters common career misconceptions that graduates have about their entry onto the job market and their future professional career.

Some of these misconceptions are:

  • “A wrong decision now will ruin my professional career - forever.”
  • “I need to follow my passion… (Help! I don’t have one!)”
  • “There is one perfect job for me out there... I just need to find it!”

Are these statements true or false, worthy career conceptions or rather misconceptions? During this interactive presentation, the audience will learn what beliefs lie beneath these misconceptions and how they could be holding graduates back from being successful in their job search.

Event details: Tuesday, 05.03.24 12:15, HG D1.2 Registration required

Levelling up you Personal Branding

Your personal brand is what sets you apart from other applicants and makes you a valuable asset in the workplace. In this workshop, you'll learn how to build a personal brand that will help you kick-start your career. Through interactive activities and guided discussions, you'll learn how to identify your unique strengths and develop a brand story that effectively communicates your professional value. We'll cover strategies for networking and self-promotion, including how to effectively use social media (LinkedIn) to increase your visibility and credibility. By the end of this workshop, you'll have an idea of how you can build your personal brand and how to use it to start your career after graduating. You'll leave with the tools and resources you need to refine and promote your personal brand. So, if you are just about to start your career this workshop will provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed.

Event details: Monday, 11.03.24 12:00, Alumni Pavillon Registration required

About ETH Career Center

The Career Center is the central platform between companies, students, doctoral students and postdocs as they embark on their careers. More information on their services can be found using this [1] Link [1]

CV Checks

The CV Checks are one of the side events of the Kontaktparty and are an integral part of the company fair every year. Here you have the opportunity to have your CV checked by experts from Goldwyn Partners Group in a personal meeting. It is the perfect opportunity to get tips on the formulation and content of your CV and on how to improve your job prospects. So if you are in the final stages of your bachelor's or master's degree and want to polish your CV for the perfect internship or your first job, register now. Event details: Wednesday, 28.02.24, CLA D11.1/D15/D17/D19 Registration required Additionally, you can also get your CV checked at the Kontaktparty itself even without registering.

Goldwyn Partners Group AG

For many years, Goldwyn Partners Group AG has been helping ETH graduates to successfully launch their careers and is the leading consulting address for IT specialists. You too can benefit from years of experience and become part of their success story. More information can be found using the following Link [2]. [2]