Current Topics


Here the current Hopo topics are listed and a briefly described. These topics are the ones that have each a small group of students actively working on them. However, many more are discussed in our Hopo-Treff. The description is kept minimal, so that they are interesting for reading. But they are too simple and cannot reflect the whole complexity of a topic. Therefore read with caution and don't use this list alone to form your opinion. If you are interested in more information about a topic, please contact hopo(at) or go to the Hopo-Treff.

Bachelor Graduation

We are tasked to organise a Bachelor Graduation for our Department.

Code Expert Taskforce

Once every semester, VIS Hopo actives meet with the Code Expert Team to discuss issues and the current development of Code Expert. Prior to the meeting, feedback is collected (through Slack, Discord etc.) and then presented to the Team over a cup of coffee. Markus Dahinden is always keen to hear criticism and ideas for improvement and is very interested in improving the platform.

Diversity Taskforce

Since VIS doesn't have a committee to support minority groups, we want to brainstorm whether there is something VIS could do to better support them.

Ethics in CS

Our lectures sometimes discuss ideas and technology that could potentially do lots of harm. Should we be looking at the Ethics of these technologies in the lectures too?

Exam Collection

Discussion about if it make sense to collect all exams from all courses every year? Could publishing exams actually lead to some courses having more difficult and annoying exams?

Master Projects

Almost every master course requires you to do some kind of project. This makes the end of semester pretty stressful and forces you to take less courses than if more had an exam instead.

Mental Health

Finding if and what there is VIS could do to better support the students well being at ETH.


Figuring out what statistics we want to receive and in what format and how much the department is willing to share.